And finally, you can view your Pressimus profile by clicking on your profile image, and selecting your profile, and you can customize your Pressimus settings by selecting settings.
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We currently use Google Analytics for tracking usage of the platform. We currently do not sell or provide your information to third parties. We will only do so if required to do so by law. We use cookies to help keep track of various states in the application, and we store authentication tokens and other authentication related data that you provide to us for your own use of Pressimus. We use SSL to encrypt http requests from your browser and any tools you may use that consume html to communicate with our servers. We take measures to protect your data and information but we cannot guarantee that we will not ever be hacked or that persons or entities will never be able to breach our servers and get access to your data or account, or delete or modify your content in any way. Caveat emptor applies here.