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Published in Stream:
World News
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Even After ISIS Loses Mosul, Iraq May Come Apart
3 years
Stream: World News
Publication: Pressimus Report
Countering Information War: Lessons From NATO And Partner Countries
The key quote:

The rise and fall of ISIS has sharpened and focused the divisions in Iraq, instead of healing them. “The reconquest won’t solve the problem that allowed ISIS to come in . . . an increasingly Shia-oriented government and a Sunni province with Sunni identification and is a by-product of the reality.”
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After Defeating ISIS, the Past May Come to Haunt Mosul

"Get ready to welcome the sons of your armed forces and to cooperate with them, as your brothers on the left side [of the Tigris river] have done, in order to reduce losses and speed up the conclusion," read thousands of leaflets dropped over western Mosul on February 18.

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Feb 28, 2017 03:13 (GMT)