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Trump Is The White Supremacist's Candidate, And He's Now Favored To Win Iowa
4 years
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Publication: Pressimus Post
Yes, Donald Trump Really Could Be The Republican Nominee For President
What Really Happened In Iowa?! The Myths And The Takeaways

There's a long history of candidates winning the Iowa Caucus and getting crushed in the following elections. But right now Donald Trump is dominating the polls nationally and in all non-Iowa early-voting states. Trump does not need to win Iowa to win the GOP nomination, but if he does win that may be vindication for many of those who are considering voting for him that they are not alone.

I've been spreading the alarm that Donald Trump could win the GOP nomination for quite some time (oldest updates first). 

Are Carson Voters Now Donald Trump Voters?
Conventional wisdom remains that neither Ben Carson nor Donald Trump will resonate with traditional voters, most of whom are still undecided, and so their huge leads in national polling will quickly disintegrate as election day nears. This has been the mantra of analysts like Nate Silver at fivethi…
Trump Is Gaining Ground, Rubio Is Nowhere
The conventional wisdom is STILL that Donald Trump will not win the GOP nomination. Why? The thinking, briefly, goes like this: Trump is not a conventional conservative, and his supporters are highly galvanized, so the theory is that anyone not already decided for Trump will vote for someone e…
John Kasich Surges In New Hampshire, But Is That Good News For Trump?
As readers of this thread know by now, I give Trump a much better chance of winning the GOP nomination than many pundits (like The basic logic of many analysts is that Trump's supporters are already vocally declaring support, and many others who are undecided will throw their …
In our latest assessment we stress that, according to our own reading of the data, Trump is favored to win Iowa (by a slim margin, which could easily turn) and perhaps every other state.
Yes, Donald Trump Really Could Be The Republican Nominee For President
Yes, really, honestly, truly, Donald Trump could win the Republican nomination. In fact, some betting agencies now have him as the "odds-on favorite" meaning that if you bet on Trump to win the GOP nomination, and he wins, then you will actually lose money. Donald Trump has been ahead in the nat…
Listeners to The Interpreter's podcast also know that I've discussed Trump's chances at length, even devoting part of an entire episode to him: 

Russian Aircraft Fall, Donald Trump Rises - This Week's Interpreter Podcast

Turkey has shot down a Russian jet in Syria, ISIS has conducted a massive attack in Europe, the world is debating how to solve the crisis in the Middle East, and Russia has once again made its way back into the headlines.

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Jan 29, 2016 03:22 (GMT)
But I've also discussed how dangerous Donald Trump is. He's ruining America's reputation abroad, fueling anti-American hatred in the Middle East and elsewhere, and he's key allies with other far-right populists who are a growing movement in Europe. He's also defended Russian President Vladimir Putin whom a British inquiry says probably personally ordered the assassination of a British citizen on British soil:
Last week he retweeted a white supremacist:
Donald Trump Just Promoted A White Supremacist Scare Account
As a journalist I know that the old adage "Retweet ≠ endorsement" disclaimer on your Twitter account only goes so far. For instance, if you are not only retweeting but  agreeing with a person, and that person is spreading racial hatred, the disclaimer begins to sound a lot like the "I was just …
And new evidence suggests that the majority of Twitter accounts that Trump promotes also follow leading white supremacist accounts:

Data: 62% of the people Donald Trump RTed this week follow multiple White Supremacist accounts

When most political candidates get endorsed by unsavory characters, they distance themselves quickly. Not Donald Trump. Two weeks ago the leading Republican candidate for US President was widely criticized for retweeting a white supremacist Twitter user with the name "@WhiteGenocideTM," whose linked website sung Hitler's praises.

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Jan 29, 2016 03:27 (GMT)

Scared yet? You should be. The long-time and entrenched skeptics of Donald Trump's chances of winning the GOP nomination, Nate Silver and his crew at, now believe for the first time that Donald Trump is the candidate who is most likely to win Monday's Iowa caucus. According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump has a 54% chance of winning in New Hampshire, which doesn't sound that impressive until you consider that his closest competitor is Ted Cruz and he's only got a 14% chance of winning

I've said that I am not endorsing a candidate in this election but would instead focus on individual issues. I am reneging that promise, however, because I do not believe that Trump's ignorant xenophobia has any place in American politics.

Trump is dangerous. If you are a Republican, I urge you to find a different candidate to vote for. If you are not a Republican but live in an area where there are open elections, consider voting in the Republican primary in order to endorse a different candidate. As a registered Massachusetts independent, I have that ability, and I will be voting using the Republican ballot for the first time in my memory, perhaps ever. It's that important.

But you'll have to wait for a little while longer before you read which candidate I'll endorse. 

-- James Miller