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About Pressimus

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About Pressimus
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Be the Press. Pressimus is a powerful social digital newsroom and live-blogging platform.
About Pressimus
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Pressimus is the ultimate social live-publishing, storytelling, and live-blogging platform, combining the ability to search for and find news and content being shared around the world live, with the ability to reference, use and share this content in your own stories that you create and publish on Pressimus.

From short, micro-press updates to media-rich long-form stories, you can create both with Pressimus.

Use Pressimus to just stay up-date with the latest news, or use our amazing editor to create, share and syndicate your own stories.

With Pressimus, consuming and reading content is something that you do simultaneously with creating and writing your own content.   You are literally interacting socially through content.

Whether you're an individual that just wants a cleaner, better way to do social media, or you're a news team that needs a powerful tool to stay on top of what's happening and pump out updates in real-time, Pressimus is for you.

Here is what Senior Editor for The Daily Beast, and New York Times best-selling author, Michael D. Weiss, has to say about Pressimus:

Our goal is to truly empower the notion of the media entity of one as well as teams of digital media analysts and producers.

You can effortlessly create your own publications, and streams of content within them, and you can also syndicate your content live in other websites via our simple but powerful embeds.

For example, Interpreter Magazine used Pressimus to syndicate their live-blog in The Daily Beast letting them focus on telling the story, without having to write a single line of html or code, and have their content updating in real-time in The Daily Beast's website!

There are many amazing uses for Pressimus for you to discover and fall in love with.

In the meantime, sign up and start pressing!

-- The Pressimus Team

2015-06-07 17:08:22