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Large Protests Over Currency Crisis
More pictures from today's protests


Personal account of James Miller, Managing Editor of The Interpreter, a publication on Russia, Ukraine, and Syria. A contributor at Reuters, The Daily Beast, RFE/RL, elsewhere.
9 years
Iran's 1st Vice President to be Arrested?

Scott Lucas of EA Worldview reports:

Arresting the President's Men. There may also be dramatic news on the political front....

Baztab claims that President Ahmadinejad lashed out at the Revolutionary Guards, the judiciary, and MPs in his Tuesday news conference because a warrant has been issued for the arrest of 1st Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi.

Critics of Rahimi have claimed for years that he was involved in the multi-million-dollar "Fatemi Street" insurance fraud. The judiciary has compiled a file on the case, but has not yet included Rahimi among defendants.

Ahmadinejad announced a "red line" in Summer 2011 against the prosecution of any of his Ministers or close advisors.
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