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June 26, 2012
October - a Wave of FSA Wins


Personal account of James Miller, Managing Editor of The Interpreter, a publication on Russia, Ukraine, and Syria. A contributor at Reuters, The Daily Beast, RFE/RL, elsewhere.
9 years
The struggle for air power

Below I've listed all the examples we've been able to find of when either the Free Syrian Army attacked air bases belonging to the regime, or the FSA shot down Assad aircraft. We've listed them in in chronological order.

It is possible that I've missed some, and I will continue to add to this list if neccessary.

The links redirect to EA Worldview's coverage (for the most part) where additional context can be found.

Citing this page? Please cite James Miller, US Editor of, and please link to this page. 

Published in Press-Stream FSA Offensives Against Air Bases in Publication Syria