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Trump's Approval Rating
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Personal account of James Miller, Managing Editor of The Interpreter, a publication on Russia, Ukraine, and Syria. A contributor at Reuters, The Daily Beast, RFE/RL, elsewhere.
Trump's Getting Away With A Lot And The American People Are Not Happy
5 years
The Washington Post highlights Trump's flip-flop on secrecy. Once he lambasted the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton for not disclosing enough information, but Trump may very easily go down in history as the most secretive president in the history of the United States:
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The Daily 202: What does Trump have to hide? Secretive White House unapologetic about clawing back transparency

THE BIG IDEA: Donald Trump appears to have made a cynical calculation that he will not pay a high political price for being the most secretive president since Richard Nixon. All the leaks about infighting among senior staff and the president's proclivity for tweeting have created a false sense that the public knows what is happening inside his White House.

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Apr 17, 2017 18:50 (GMT)

The secrecy, the conflicts of interest, the Russia ties, the race baiting, the misogyny, the falsehoods, the expensive golf games, the war on the media... there are a huge list of issues where Donald Trump is out of touch with not just his critics but, according to polls, the large majority of Americans.

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New poll reveals how majority of Americans feel about President Trump

President Donald Trump's approval rating continues to slide as his base grapples with his shifting positions on major campaign promises. According to the latest polling data from Gallup, 53 percent of Americans now disapprove the job Trump is doing in the White House.

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Apr 17, 2017 18:55 (GMT)

Like it or not, though, he seems to be getting away with it, which has many Americans asking what it would take to hold a president accountable, particularly if his own political party controls Congress.

-- James Miller