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Ukraine Live Day 532
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The Interpreter
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Former PM Azarov And 'Dictatorship Bill' Author Oleynik Announce 'Committee To Save Ukraine'
5 years
Four Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 15 Wounded Over Last 24 Hours
Office of Ousted President's Party Attacked In Kharkiv

Nikolai Azarov, who was the Ukrainian prime minister under Viktor Yanukovych until January 28, 2014, presided over a press conference in Moscow today at which he announced the formation of a "committee to save Ukraine."

The formation of an "alternative Ukrainian government" was revealed by Azarov's press secretary on July 29.

At the conference, Vladimir Oleynik, one of the authors of the despised "dictatorship bill" introduced on January 16 last year, was unveiled as the committee's proposed candidate for the Ukrainian presidency.

Here are reports from the hour-long press conference, which was held at the Hotel Ukraina this morning:

Somewhat confusingly, given that Azarov and Oleynik were leading members of the Yanukovych government, the former prime minister said that the Committee would not admit those tied to the former president.

Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, says that Russia is not behind Azarov's initiative, though he inferred that the Kremlin was looking into the proposal. Bloomberg reports:

β€œOne has yet to study in detail the statements that have been made, analyze the situation,” Peskov told journalists on a conference call Monday.

-- Pierre Vaux