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Ukraine Live Day 524
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The Interpreter
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Ukraine Border Guards Say They've Captured Russian Officer Driving Truck Full of Weapons
6 years
OSCE Monitors Come Under Fire In Schastye

The Ukrainian border guard says that it has captured a truck full of weapons being driven by a Russian officer. The Associated Press reports:

The border guard service said the truck and its two occupants were intercepted late Saturday at a checkpoint about 30 kilometers (19 miles) south of Donetsk, the main rebel-held city. It said one of the men acknowledged he was a Russian major.

RFE/RL reports that the Ukrainian border guards are now saying that the officer was a major in a Russian rocket-artillery unit:

"He had no documents," said border guards spokesman Oleksandr Tomchyshyn. "He is responsible for ammunition supply. He said that while delivering the ammunition they had got lost."

Another man also detained late on July 25 in the truck identified himself as a pro-Russian separatist fighter.

The two men reportedly wore military uniforms without insignia.

The border-guards service said it found nearly 200 cases containing grenades and ammunition, including rocket-propelled shells, in the truck.

That report differs slightly from the AP report, in that it says the truck was captured 45 kilometers south of Donetsk.

The State Border Service of Ukraine has also released video of the truck, the reported contents of the vehicle, and an interrogation of the prisoner.

The vehicle has markings similar to other vehicles belonging to Russian-backed fighters. Lugansk News has provided a transcript of the interrogation.
-- James Miller