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Ukraine Live Day 519
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The Interpreter
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Live Video Feed From Right Sector Rally In Kiev
5 years
Right Sector Supporters Rally In Kiev During Conference Critical of Government
Only Hundreds of Participants in Right Sector Rally -- AP
Here is a live video feed from the Right Sector (Pravyi Sektor) rally in Kiev:
Here is a map of the square:
As you can see from this screenshot, where the camera is panned to the right (toward the northwest), the rally has not blocked traffic, nor have large amounts of people gathered on the far side of the street. The side streets are also largely clear of people, and it's possible that many who are gathered further away from the main crowd are spectators, not necessarily Right Sector supporters:
Euromaidan PR has been live-tweeting some of the speeches given by various Right Sector leaders:

This line appears to be a reference to Right Sector itself, which has created volunteer battalions to fight in eastern Ukraine. However, those troops are supposed to report to the Interior Ministry.

As we have been reporting, Right Sector has been under fire following a shoot-out earlier this month in Mukachevo, Zakarpattia, between Right Sector members and police.

Paul Goble has written a new column on the possible significant of the tensions between Right Sector and the Ukrainian government:
-- James Miller