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Ukraine Live Day 508
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Unconfirmed Reports of Munitions Depot Explosion in Gorlovka, 13 Dead; Conflicts Between Separatists and Russian Advisers
7 years
Russian Neo-Nazi Paramilitary Group, Rusich, To Withdraw - Freezing Of Conflict Or A Feint?
At about 14:30 Moscow time today in Gorlovka (Horlivka) in the area of the Kurganka housing complex, an ammunition depot exploded, and reported, citing a source who requested anonymity.

The explosion supposedly occurred due to some "settling of scores" between local residents and "volunteers" who had come from Russia. Preliminary reports indicate that 13 people were killed. Yet no other media source has reported this large number of deaths.

Eyewitnesses say that explosion was so powerful that the shock waves were opening doors and blowing out glass in a radius of several kilometers. As we reported earlier today, there were reports of an explosion in the Putilovka district of Donetsk today but no more information.

According to local residents, military people arrived in Gorlovka earlier who "did not have a Slavic appearance" and who did not have any identifying insignia. Russian contract soldiers from Yakutia and other Far East regions have been cited on the battlefield in Ukraine before.

There were also reports that DNR fighters were forced by their "military mentors" from Russia to fire on civilian areas. There was also a report that DNR fighters had fired on a Russian base.

We have not seen any confirmations of these claims. Espreso TV has also reported that 13 died in an explosion, but is using the same source.

This is not the first report of friction between the Russian-backed fighters and their Russian military overlords. There were reports towards the end of the Donetsk Airport battle that Chechen fighters shot and killed a Russian officer.

Today, the commander of the Rusich diversionary group,  the Russian citizen Aleksei Milchakov, a notorious sadist, announced on his VKontakte page that he was withdrawing his men from the Donbass. The Vikings, a battalion associated with Rusich and training with them, also withdrew. Some of the posts of fighters from this group we have tracked to the training center in Razdolnoye had posts on their pages today that sounded like they were leaving.


Scat, you strange kitty. You don't fall under the relocation program. Hunt, steal, go while. Well, bye.

Pro-separatist social media has also been full of bitter comments since the withdrawal from Shirokino, with the sense that the fighters have been sold out by the generals during the peace talks.

As the separatists left Shirokino, they fired back on civilian homes. They have withdrawn to Sakhanka and other positions a few kilometers away.

-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick