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Ukraine Live Day 506
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The Interpreter
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Attacks Across Front Line In Donetsk Region Last Night And This Morning
5 years
1 Ukrainian Soldier Killed, 3 Wounded In Attack On Banks Of Seversky Donets River
Ukraine Reports Two Servicemen Killed, 10 Wounded Over Last 24 Hours

The Ukrainian military's ATO Press Centre claims that Russian-backed forces conducted numerous attacks across the Donetsk region over last night and into this morning.

According the report, 40 attacks were carried out between 18:00 and midnight.

At 22:00, Ukrainian troops encountered and engaged a "sabotage and reconnaissance group" of Russian-backed fighters near Luganskoye, south-east of Artyomovsk.

The Russian-backed fighters withdrew after a small-arms skirmish.

The military reports that Ukrainian positions near Luganskoye, as well as the nearby settlements of Svetlodarsk and Lozovoye, were attacked with small arms and 82 mm mortars.

Similar attacks were made on positions to the north and west of Gorlovka, near Kirovo, Mayorsk and Novgorodskoye.


In the Donetsk area, the ATO Press Centre reported 82 mm mortar and small-arms attacks on positions near Avdeyevka and Marinka last night. 

Peski, to the north-west of Donetsk, was, the report claims, shelled three times with 120 mm mortars - at 20:46, 21:00 and 22:55. 

In the early hours of this morning, Ukrainian troops near Opytnoye, Marinka and Peski came under small-arms fire.

There were also reports of heavy artillery fire on Avdeyevka from Donetsk this morning:

Translation: #Donetsk From 3:00 to 3:30, from Yugoslavia street (the Smolyansk Chemical Plant) around 10 shots, 6 from 122 mm pieces, 4 from 152 mm, explosions between 35 and 60 seconds later ~ Avdeyevka.

To the south of Donetsk, the Press Centre reported that Russian-backed forces had shelled Ukrainian positions near the village of Novogrigoryevka, near the front line, north-east of Granitnoye, with 120 mm mortars.

Yaroslav Chepurnoy, press officer for the Ukrainian military operation in the Mariupol area, told that, at around 7 am today, Ukrainian troops near Bakhchevik, around 10 kilometres west of Novogrigoryevka, were shelled by 152 mm self-propelled artillery.

Over the course of the previous day, Chepurnoy said, Russian-backed forces had conducted six attacks in the Mariupol area.

Twice against Pavlopol, twice on Novogrigoryevka, once on Granitnoye and once on Shirokino.

While the attacks on other settlements were conducted with mortars, tanks and 122 mm self-propelled artillery, the attack in Shirokino came from a sniper. 

Ukrainian military analyst Dmytro Tymchuk makes further claims of attacks in this area.

According to Tymchuk, Russian-backed fighters, supported by 82 mm mortar and heavy machine gun fire, attempted to assault Ukrainian positions near Bogdanovka, east of Volnovakha. The attack reportedly failed and the Russian-backed fighters were forced to retreat.

In the Granitnoye area, mobile groups of Russian-backed fighters used 82 mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers in several attacks throughout the day. 152 mm artillery, fired, Tymchuk claims, from the Michurino area, north of Telmanovo, was also used against Granitnoye.

To the south along the river Kalmius, Tymchuk writes that Russian-backed fighters had conducted 120 mm mortar attacks in the area between Pavlopol and Chermalyk, quickly shifting firing position after each attack.


Later, Tymchuk says, Russian-backed forces deployed a group of three tanks in this area. According to the analyst's Facebook post, one of these tanks fired five or six rounds on Ukrainian positions while covered by the other two, one of which opened fire with its heavy machine gun.

-- Pierre Vaux