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Ukraine Live Day 501
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The Interpreter
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Ukraine Confirms Russian-Backed Fighters Have Left Shirokino, Soldiers Report Abandoned Positions Have Been Mined
7 years
Ukraine Says Russia Continuing To Build Forces Both Along Border And Inside Occupied Territory
Russia Accuses Ukraine Of Breaking Minsk Agreement

Donetsk news site reports that one of their correspondents has been told by Ukrainian soldiers in Shirokino that, while Russian-backed fighters have withdrawn from the war-torn village, they have mined their abandoned positions and are targeting them from their new lines.

The commander of the 37th Battalion of the Ukrainian Army, who goes by the call-sign Sobol (sable) told that Russian-backed forces had fallen back 1.5-2 km from their original positions in Shirokino.

Yesterday evening the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence reported that they could confirm that all Russian-backed forces had indeed left the village, following the declaration by the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) on July 1 that they would treat Shirokino as a "demilitarised zone" and conduct a unilateral withdrawal.

Major-General Andriy Taran claimed that the move was a cynical by the DNR to appear to have abided by the Minsk agreements ahead of the next round of talks.

Taran said that the Russian-backed fighters were now in prepared positions near Sakhanka and Bezymyannoye, east of Shirokino.


Sobol told that Ukrainian troops remained in their front-line positions and would not withdraw from the village as leaving it would expose Mariupol to attack.


Yesterday we reported that fighters from the Azov regiment, a group of volunteer fighters, posted this video which they said showed the "terrorists," or Russian-backed fighters, shelling their own positions in Shirokino. However, as you can see from the video, many of the shells appear to have fallen on civilian homes:

Earlier today, Andriy Biletsky, a far-right MP and leader of the Azov regiment, claimed that more than 800 Russian or separatist fighters had been killed, wounded or captured in Shirokino since fighting began there after Ukrainian forces retook the village in February.

Meanwhile, Biletsky claimed, more than 60 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed over the same period.

-- Pierre Vaux, James Miller