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Ukraine Live Day 423
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The Interpreter
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Russian-Backed Forces Attacking Peski
6 years
Ukrainian Constitutional Court to Review Lustration Law Today
Ukrainian Positions In Shirokino Reportedly Shelled 7 Times Yesterday

Heavy fighting is once again reported today in Peski, on the north-western outskirts of Donetsk.

Leviy Bereg's Oleksandr Rudomanov reports that, as of 9 today (6 GMT), Russian-backed fighters were shelling Peski with mortars and tanks. Snipers and machine gunners are also firing at Ukrainian positions.

Rudomanov reported that the tanks had entered the "village of Zhabyache" before opening fire. We noted yesterday, when he reported fighting in this same area, that we could not find this location, he may mean the suburb of Zhabunki - Zhobunki in Russian - where heavy fighting was also reported on Sunday.

According to Ukrainian volunteer fighter Myroslav Mysla, Ukrainian forces are having difficulty returning fire as Russian-backed fighters shift their positions after each bombardment, retreating into cover.

Еarlier, Oleh Kutsyn, chairman of the Donetsk regional branch of the ultra-nationalist Svoboda party, announced that a fighter, with the call-sign Pioneer, had been killed yesterday in Peski.

According to Kutsyn, Pioneer, a squad leader from the Carpathian Sich volunteer battalion, died from shrapnel wounds to his heart after an artillery shell struck a medical centre.

Rudomanov also noted reports that Peski had been shelled with 152 mm self-propelled artillery yesterday.

The ATO press centre reported this morning on attacks in the same area last night.

UNIAN reports:

The press center also said that around the Ukrainian-held village of Peski the militants used automatic grenade launchers, small arms and 120-millimeter mortars. At around 2000 the militants attacked with automatic grenade launchers not far from Avdeyevka, and after 2100 they shelled Ukrainian forces with 120-millimeter mortars.


-- Pierre Vaux