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The Interpreter
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Praviy Sector Fighters Ordered To Leave Mariupol Area Or Join Regular Military Forces
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Praviy (right) Sector fighters operating in the Mariupol area have been ordered by the Ukrainian military to either leave the combat zone or join the regular forces of the Ukrainian military or National Guard. 

UNIAN reported last night:

Commander of the 8th separate company of the Right Sector Ukrainian military volunteer corps Andriy Cherven said that his troops had been ordered to leave the town of Shyrokyne outside Mariupol before March 27, and the anti-terrorist operation zone itself before April 1.

According to him, the order says that all the troops that are not part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard should be withdrawn from the zone. Cherven added he couldn't disobey the order.

Artyom Lutsak, chief of staff of the 8th Aratta company of Praviy Sector, told UNIAN that his fighters had been given an ultimatum to subordinate themselves to the military command structure or leave the area. He said that his troops were headed for their base.

Oleg Sushinsky, press officer for the military headquarters in Mariupol, confirmed the ultimatum:

"They want to fight, but it's not right. There are civilians and there are military. If they consider themselves to be professionals, let them join [the army] officially," he added.

Artyom Skoropadskiy, chief of Praviy Sector's information centre, told Ukrainska Pravda that, under certain conditions, the fighters could join the army, but that they would not subordinate themselves to the National Guard, which is headed by the Interior Ministry.

The Interpreter translates:

"We will definitely not join the National Guard, because there has been no lustration at the MVD [Interior Ministry], and many of our fighters do not want to become employees of the MVD," explained Skoropadskiy.

He said that negotiations on the conditions for the legalisation of Praviy Sector were constantly being held with the authorities and are still ongoing.

Skoropadskiy said that the organisation would oppose any move to dissolve the fighting units and reassign soldiers as members of various extant army units, insisting that Praviy Sector's paramilitary wing be maintained as a whole fighting unit, operating under the command of Praivy Sector leader, Dmytro Yarosh and their corps commander, Andriy Stempitskiy.

Speaking to UNIAN, Skoropadskiy stressed the importance of Praviy Sector's autonomy:

"We've got a free-standing structure. We work both with the National Guard and the Defense Ministry at the frontline, rather than with the General Staff or the Defense Ministry [high-ranking officials], we work with majors, lieutenant colonels – we cooperate with them: they help us, we help them," he added.

He confirmed to Ukrainska Pravda that Yarosh himself had been offered a post in the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"That is true, there was such a proposal. But we are still considering it, as it is still unclear what powers he will have there."

Yesterday, the press office of the Donbass battalion claimed that their fighters had conducted a "clean-up" with Praviy Sector fighters near Shirokino, killing 29 Russian spetsnaz troops.

-- Pierre Vaux