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Ukraine Live Day 396
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The Interpreter
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Ukraine Reports 3 Soldiers Wounded Over Last 24 Hours, Claims Russian-Backed Fighters Using Grads
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Andriy Lysenko, the spokesman for the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (NSDC), has told reporters at a briefing today that 3 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded over the last 24 hours, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

As Novosti Donbassa reports, Lysenko claimed that Russian-backed fighters had used Grad MLRS, which should have been withdrawn from the front line in accordance with the Minsk agreement, in an attack on Ukrainian troops positioned near the separatist-held village of Sokolniki, north of the Bakhmutka highway.

Lysenko said that this was the first time in the last month that Grads had been used against Ukrainian troops. However there have been reports within that time frame of Grad attacks on Shirokino, east of Mariupol, Kodyma, near Debaltsevo, and also of launches from Donetsk.

The NSDC spokesman also reported tank and mortar attacks on Ukrainian positions, counting 4 attacks yesterday and 5 violations of the ceasefire today.

The BBC's Natalia Antelava reported yesterday from Peski, north-west of Donetsk, where there was constant fire between the separatist and Ukrainian trenches.

-- Pierre Vaux