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Ukraine Live Day 395
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Fighting Outside Mariupol and Reports of Commuter Bus Hit
5 years
UK Troops Start Training Ukrainian Military; US Mission To Start In April
There is an unconfirmed report of the shelling of a commuter bus in Mariupol as other reports of the resumption of fighting have also been received.

Translation: A commuter bus has been shelled.

Since this comes from a city site, it is more reliable than other reports but we have not found confirmation.

The Novorossiya Militia Dispatches (formerly Strelkov Dispatches) have published a report sourced to "journalists" that there is a firefight near Mariupol. The post on the Russian social media site VKontakate also says that the Azov Regiment has also issued a report that "Ukrainian military from other units are maintaining the position."

The Interpreter has a translation of an excerpt of the report:

Oleg Sushinsky, the press officer of Sector M says that after calm during the night, fighting has resumed outside Mariupol.

"Today 5 shellings have been recorded," he said. "Firing weapons, grenade-launchers and 82 mm mortar-launches have bee used in the battle." After the night-time lull, clashes in Shirokino with the use of mortar-launchers resumed. Earlier Roman Sokolov, the head of the Mariupol Defense Center, said that this morning, Ukrainian armed formations and the DNR Army opened fire on each other in Shirokino. From 8:20-8:30 there was mortar fire from 82mm-caliber weapons. From 9:15-9:25 gunfire opened as well.

We confirmed that the Azov Regiment did report the firefight in Mariupol.

On its Facebook page, the Azov Battalion wrote 5 hours ago (translation by The Interpreter):

A battle with the use of firing weapons has been under way in Shirokino for about an hour. Azov and its brothers from other sub-divisions are maintaining the position.

- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick