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Russia Update: March 5, 2015
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
62th Anniversary of Stalin's Death, and 75th Anniversary of Stalin's Order for the Katyn Massacre
7 years
Putin Meets Italian Prime Minister Renzi
Yakut and Buryat Recruits Reportedly in Rostov

Today March 5 is the 62nd anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953, the Soviet dictator responsible for jailing or executing millions of people whose legacy is alive today.

It is also the 75th anniversary of the day in 1940 Stalin gave the order for the Katyn Forest massacre, when Soviet troops massacred at least 20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals, and covered up the mass crime against humanity for decades.

Translation: Today 75 years ago Stalin signed the order for Beria to execute 22,000 Polish military. Katyn - Never Again!

The pro-government provided a "balanced" propaganda YouTube on Stalin, passing lightly over the purges and the GULAG, as well as deportations of entire peoples, to say that attitudes differed to Stalin at different times depending on people's economic well-being, and that the Russian people were grateful to him as a powerful figure that got the nuclear bomb built for Russia and made Russia the strong country it is today.

With the state media ambivalent or even supportive of Stalin nowadays, it is no wonder that there are still supporters who mark his death.

Argumenty i fakty turned the Stalin story into an infographic - but without the numbers of his victims.

Translation: How Joseph Stalin was in life: special features.

Translation: Today, March 5, Generalissimo Joseph Stalin is remembered, on this day in 1953 Stalin departed this life.

Stalin's role in commanding the Soviet army in the defeat of the Nazis is now revived as part of propagandistic analogies with the Russian-backed militants fighting the Ukrainian government, branded as "fascist," and is also used openly in patriotic training  in Belarus.

Translation: Damned Stalin has reached even the Diplomatic Academy of the RF Foreign Ministry!

Translation: recruits at the Bobruysk Draft Board are met by...Stalin.

But there are people who condemn the Stalin legacy, including Yevgeniya Albat, editor of New Times, some of whose relatives were executed under Stalin.

Translation: "So that he not ressurrect" 62 years ago, Stalin died.
Translation: Stalin died everywhere except Russia.

Translation: Stalin died 62 years ago, but his cause lives on in the heads of 86% of Russians to this day.

The reference is to Putin's (supposed) approval rating.

Translation: 62 years ago, Stalin, the most famous mass murderer in history died, after annihilating millions of his fellow countrymen.

Translation: "Stalin didn't walk away into the past, he dissolved into the future." [ former French President Charles] de Gaulle. In my view, an unusual quote.

-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick