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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Live Day 377
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Protesters In Moscow Call For Release of Detained Ukrainian POW Nadiya Savchenko
5 years
Ukrainian Photographer Killed In Shelling North Of Donetsk
Poroshenko To Hold Parliamentary Vote To Approve Plan For International Peacekeepers
We're covering the very large protest march in Moscow, a memorial for Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition leader who was gunned down outside the Kremlin on Friday night. 

 However, many in the crowd were also protesting in support of another person - a Ukrainian, Nadiya Savchenko,  a Ukrainian airforce pilot in the Aidar Battalion who was captured by Russian-backed separatists and kidnapped across the border into Russia, and is now facing murder charges for the deaths of two Russian journalists who were killed in eastern Ukraine and whom Savchenko almost certainly never encountered. In other words, she is being prosecuted for being a symbol.

Furthermore, Savchenko has been on hunger strike for 79 days to protest her detention, and is in failing health. 

Many of the protesters in Moscow today have called for Savchenko's release:

Translation: Free Savchenko! One of the demands of the march in Moscow today

Rallies have also been held in Kiev, London, and many other cities worldwide: 

-- James Miller