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Ukraine Live Day 372
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The Interpreter
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UK To Send Military Advisers To Ukraine
6 years
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Ukraine's Currency, The Hryvnia, Falls More Than 16% From Yesterday's Already-Record Lows

The British prime minister, David Cameron, has told the Commons liaison committee that the UK will send military personnel to Ukraine next month to provide training assistance for the Ukrainian army.

Reuters reports:

"Over the course of the next month we're going to be deploying British service personnel to provide advice and a range of training, to tactical intelligence to logistics, to medical care," Cameron told a committee of lawmakers in parliament.

"We'll also be developing an infantry training program with Ukraine to improve the durability of their forces."

More from The Guardian:

Up to 75 personnel will begin to deploy to Ukraine from next month as part of the training mission, the Ministry of Defence said.

There will be four separate areas covered by the deployment - medical, intelligence, logistics and infantry training.

Personnel involved in the training elements could spend one or two months in Ukraine, with a command and control deployment lasting up to six months.

The Guardian reports that, when asked whether the UK is considering supplying Ukraine with "lethal defensive equipment," Cameron responded that "Britain is not at that stage."

Cameron did say that he would not rule out supplying lethal weapons forever though, adding that the US was also considering the idea.

These comments echo ones made earlier by the former foreign secretary, William Hague, who told the BBC's Andrew Marr show:

"We are not planning as the UK to send arms to Ukraine. It hasn't been our approach in any recent conflict in recent years to send arms into those conflicts." 

Cameron did, however, insist that the best leverage that could be brought to bear in the Ukrainian conflict was economic rather than military. 

The Guardian reports on one exchange at the committee:

[Bernard Jenkins, chair of the public administration committee asked]: People say there is no military solution to this. But there is. When there was a conflict in Georgia, it came to an abrupt end when America despatched its fleet.

Cameron says the biggest effect that could be had would be an economic effect.

The greatest power we have in this crisis is an economic one, he says. That is the one we should be leveraging.

Earlier this month, British, ex-service Saxon armoured cars were delivered to Ukraine. The lightly armoured vehicles were bereft of armament, though they could be fitted with machine guns. 

The prime minister also said that suspending Russia from membership of the SWIFT banking system, a measure discussed previously in the EU, should not be ruled out.

-- Pierre Vaux