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Ukraine Live Day 372
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The Interpreter
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Gazprom Threatens to Cut Ukraine's Gas Within Two Days
6 years
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UK To Send Military Advisers To Ukraine

Yesterday, Ukraine's gas company, Naftohaz, said that the Russian energy giant Gazprom had not delivered the entire quantity of natural gas which Ukraine had prepaid for. We also noted that the announcement came just days after Ukraine halted gas supplies to parts of the Donbass occupied by Russian-supported fighters, forcing Russia to begin delivering its own gas shipments to separatist territories. 

Today Gazprom is saying that Ukraine has not paid for its gas, and Russia could shut off gas flows to Ukraine within two days. AFP reports:

Russia's state-owned gas giant Gazprom warned Tuesday it could cut off gas deliveries to Ukraine within two days, upping the stakes in the crisis there -- and threatening supplies to the rest of Europe...

"Ukraine has failed to make a new pre-payment for gas in time," Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said in a statement on Tuesday.

That "will in two days lead to a complete termination of the Russian gas supplies to Ukraine, which creates serious risks for the gas transit to Europe," Miller said.

He added that it takes two days for Gazprom to receive money transferred from Naftogaz.

But the Ukrainian company issued a statement accusing Gazprom of failing to honour pre-paid gas deliveries on Sunday.

-- James Miller