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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Four Russian Naval Officers Sentenced for Treason
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Opposition Leader Navalny Sentenced to 15 Days in Jail
Four Russian Navy servicemen were sentenced to imprisonment for state treason, Interfax and reported, citing an "informed source."

Zakhary Agapishvili and Sergei Danilchenko, senior Naval officers were sentenced, along with two other servicemen, Levan Charkviani and Konstantin Yashin. The length of their prison terms was not known.

The Supreme Court of Russia sentenced the men in November 2014, but the news came out only now. They are charged with Art. 275, "state treason." They were stripped of their military ranks and honors. According to the investigation, they passed top secret information to foreign government. No more details were available.

This is now the fifth such separate case that has come to light in the last year, involving now a total of 8 people.

On February 6, Gennady Kravtsov was arrested for handing secret information to the West, although nothing is known about the content or the specific country. He will remain in pre-trial detention until March 27.

On February 4, Vladimir Golubev, a former employee of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center, was arrested and charged with an article he published on explosives which was later said to contain secret information.

Last week Svetlana Davydova, a mother of 7 in Vyazma, was released from pre-trial detention in yet another treason case, this one related to allegations that she reported to the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow information about the deployment of the GRU troops near her home, likely sent to Ukraine.

Another case involves a former FSB agent named Yevgeny Petrin who reportedly infiltrated the Russian Orthodox Church as an employee and was ultimately arrested and charged with passing secrets to American spies.