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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Live Day 362
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Ceasefire Goes into Effect in Southeast Ukraine - But Will it Hold? Reports of Violations Already
5 years
With Half an Hour Until Ceasefire, Great Skepticism as Zakharchenko Announces Any Debaltsevo Break-Out Will be 'Violation'
DNR Claims Encircled Ukrainian Troops Fired from Debaltsevo, and Return Fire

A ceasefire went into effect at midnight, Kiev time, more than an hour ago.

Translation: More provocations. The cannon is firing, I counted 10 mortars already. #Bakhmutka 0:52.

Translation: The militia has ceased fire half an hour before the beginning of the ceasefire. Now it's quiet.

President Poroshenko earlier today sent Maj. Gen. Aleksandr Rozmaznin, the Ukrainian representative in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the OSCE to Debaltsevo to monitor the ceasefire, reported.

Ukraine also accused the Russian-backed separatists of creating a provocation by firing toward Russia, reported.

Local residents report that fighters in the region of Bezymyonnoye have opened fire with a Grad in the direction of Samsonovo, near Novoazovsk.

Both of these towns are under militants' control.

This is the latest provocation on the part of the terrorists ,in order to accuse the ATO forces of shelling. It must be noted that Ukrainian artillery men open fire in response only if this will not threaten the civilian population.

About five hours ago, Donbass Battalion Commander Semyon Semyonchenko wrote on his Facebook:

This extremely difficult day is coming to an end. I was forced to leave the hospital to be with the guys. Everyone feels tired and exhausted but their fighting spirit is high!

Today battles were increasingly fierce. We took under control the road from Artyomovsk-Luganskoye-LOWER Lozovoye-Debaltsevo therefore there can be no talk at all about any kettle. The enemy is holding the highway from Debaltsevo to Artyomovsk through Logvinovo, where the terrorists have equipped a stronghold.

For several days, the terrorists have tried to cut off all the communications of the VSU (Ukrainian Armed Forces) stretching from Uglegorsk (someone there siad something it being under our countrol?) to Logvinovo. They tried to go forward, but they were knocked in the ears, they burned a bunch of armor and the Barbarossa plan failed.

The terrorists shelled Debaltsevo, Luganskoye very seriously, and reached Artyomovsk, too. They got return fire.

On the whole, we're waiting for 24:00 and making bets.

Glory to Ukraine!

He attached this photo and map:



-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick