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Ukraine Live Day 362
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The Interpreter
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Russian-Backed Rebels 'Destroying' Debaltsevo with Russian Armor, Says Ukraine
5 years
With Half an Hour Until Ceasefire, Great Skepticism as Zakharchenko Announces Any Debaltsevo Break-Out Will be 'Violation'

Fighting continues in Debaltsevo, Unian reports.

Vyacheslav Abroskin, head of the Donetsk Region division of the Interior Mnistry, wrote on his Facebook page today five hours ago:

The fighters are destroying the city of Debaltsevo.

There is unceasing artillery fire on residential homes and buildings. The city is on fire.

A direct hit from a Grad system has been made on the building of the city department of police.

The Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council issued a statement, Unian reports.

Russian-terrorist forces, who didn't have the opportunity to break through the defense of Ukrainian military, for the second day in a row now are conducting artillery fire on the residential quarters of Debaltsevo using heavy Howitzer artillery and volley-fire systems.

Observer satellites recorded a black plume of smoke covering the entire city. Even filming from outer space is recording the scale of crimes against humanitary by Russian military and the terrorist groupings under their control.

The satellite photo is posted on the NSDC website and has been posted in


Ukrainian officials say the artillery outside of Debaltsevo has been brought from Russia, and say they have the satellite photos to prove it -- from the United States.

Translation: It is Russian [Federation] armor outside Debaltsevo. In fact, Russian [Federation].

Translation: 2/3 Russian  [Federation] military also unleashed anti-aircraft systems near Debaltsevo.

Translation: Zakharchenko: Poroshenko has betrayed the soldiers surrounded in Debaltsevo.

Russian propagandists and their loyal supporters have unleashed a torrent of war propaganda, putting up pictures on Twitter of dillweed being thrown into a boiling pot - a reference to the pejorative term for Ukrainians based on the word for "dill" in Russian and the "kettle" of Debaltsevo, a key hub which Russia and the Russian-backed separatists have tried to seize by surrounding on all sides.

Even leaflets are being dropped on the Ukrainians, urging them to surrender as they have been surrounded and no one will help them:

Translation: agitation leaflets for Ukrainian soldiers in the Debaltsevo kettle #politics #Debaltsevo.

Pro-Kremlin Komsomolskaya Pravda is gleeful about Russian-backed fighters' successes:

Translation: It's 7 kilometers to Debaltsevo.

The wrecked armor has on it the slogan "Glory to Ukraine/To Heroes Glory."

An hour ago, this pro-Moscow war correspondent reported:

Translation: They are responding from the kettle less and less. Judging from the radio intercepts, they are dividing ammunition not by the box load but by packets. Meanwhile mortars to fire on the center of Donetsk have been found.

It's been difficult to get news from the "kettle" area because Ukrainians don't want to reveal their positions -- which rebels advertised anyway by releasing a drone video of Debaltsevo last night broadcast on LifeNews, which is close to Russian intelligence.

Nearly all the reporting is coming from Russian state TV and Russian-backed separatist "Novorossiya" YouTube channels or their supporters in Russia or Ukraine. And very few journalists are willing to risk their lives to get near this dangerous area:

Translation: Maks Avdeyev has good pictures from Debaltsevo and environs.


Yesterday, Debaltsevo buried its chief of police, killed in battle.

Translation: funeral for Yevgeny Yukhanov, chief of police of Debaltsevo. He defended the city department of police from the saboteurs.

-- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick