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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Strange Hashtag Trending on Russian Twitter - "#TwitterBirthsPenguin" - But What Does it Mean?
5 years
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Malofeyev Denies Reports of Searches of His Home, Office; Skuratov Says He's Signed Non-Disclosure Statement

Russian-language Twitter today was filled with a strange hash-tag today, #ТвиттерРодилПингвина which translates to #TwitterBirthsPenguin.

This wasn't a tag that was trending anywhere else in the world, just in Moscow.

The tag also trended yesterday, February 11.

Lots of the tweets with the hashtag even had a picture:

Translation: I waited and believed in it until the end!

Many thought it was absurd but retweeted the hashtag anyway:

Translation: Ohai. Once again we have met under an idiotic hashtag.

Translation: (The entire world) - WHAT THE HELL???!

(Russians)- ...

Translation: Russian Twitterers - -#ТвиттерРодилПингвина - The rest:
And what do you want to say with that? - You're not normal. ONCE AGAIN RUSSIANS ARE RAGING OR WHAT


Russians: #ТвиттерРодилПингвина
Penguin: What?
People: What?
Americans: What?
World: What?

Interestingly, yesterday, the Russian censor denounced Twitter for defying its demands to remove content. It's not clear how this will end.

So the hash-tags might be related to that, and indicate that efforts to censor only end up getting more attention to content. Or it might be a campaign to discredit Twitter.

None of the usual pro-Kremlin propagandists and trolls are tweeting this hash-tag, so it may be spontaneous.

- Catherine A. Fitzpatrick