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Ukraine Live Day 329
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The Interpreter
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Hungary To Restore Flow of Gas To Ukraine
5 years
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Ukrainian POW Facing Murder Charges In Russia Will Not End Hunger Strike After 30+ Days

After unexpectedly stopping reverse natural gas flow to Ukraine three months ago, Hungary is now set to restart reverse flows. The Hungarian news agency reports:

Hungarian gas transmission company FGSZ Ltd. interrupted reverse gas transmission to Ukraine through the separate pipeline from Testvériség (Brotherhood) pipeline on 25 September 2014 for an indefinite period, saying it needed its pipeline capacities for raised gas imports as storage facilities were being filled up for the winter. 

Previously it was delivering 3-4 mcm of natural gas per day to Ukraine, instead of the maximum capacity of 16.8 mcm. Then FGSZ said that up to 6,1 billion cubic metres of gas per year - 16.8 mcm per day - ha been delivered to Ukraine since March 2013. The company added, though that the capacity is not guaranteed, as it is "dependent on prevailing technical and commercial conditions." 

Naftogaz Ukraine linked the suspension with a visit to Budapest of Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller, and "gas talks" between Ukraine and Russia with the participation of the EU. 

-- James Miller