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Ukraine Live Day 308
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The Interpreter
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Olaf Koens Interviews Photographer Who Says His Photographs Prove Buk Missile Shot Down MH17
4 years
Over $300,000 Stolen From Odessa Bank Using Fake Gold Bars
Newly-Available Photos of MH17 Shoot-Down, and Interview with Eyewitness by Olaf Koens of RTL Nieuws

RTL News correspondent Olaf Koens reports that he has possession of three unreleased photographs which prove that a missile came from separatist-controlled territory and shot down civilian airliner Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on July 17, 2014.

Two of the pictures reportedly show a "vertical plume," the trail the missile made while going up into the sky, while the third reportedly shows a column of smoke rising from the crash site. Here is the RTL news statement (translation by Google):

Two pictures have been published previously. But the three pictures that  RTL News owned, are of a much higher resolution than previously unpublished photos and also contain other data, such as the time at which they were taken. This was the starting point for further research. To ensure the safety of the person who made the pictures not to endanger, RTL News will publish these photos...

The pictures have been geolocated to near site of the MH17 crash, in a field near Snezhnoye and Torez (here):


©NEO bv, Amersfoort, Image ©2014 DigitalGlobe, Inc., DEM ©2014 Airbus Defence and Space

Just as importantly, the photographer, who refuses to be named, has also been interviewed by RTL.

This new evidence matches exactly our own evidence review, which can be read here and the images appear similar to existing videos we have analyzed showing villagers talking about rockets fired by separatist militants in the area.

-- James Miller