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Ukraine Live Day 308
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The Interpreter
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Over $300,000 Stolen From Odessa Bank Using Fake Gold Bars
4 years
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Vesti-Ukraine reports that the Odessa branch of the Interior Ministry has announced the theft of more than 5 million hryvnia (over $300,000) in gold from a branch of the Ukrainian National Bank.

The press office of the Interior Ministry told Vesti-Ukraine that a criminal case had been opened and that an investigation to identify the culprits was under way.

The gold was stolen during a scheme, which lasted from August to October, in which blocks of lead, covered in gold paint, were sold over the counter to the bank.

One "Yuri N." a cashier at the bank who is alleged to have provided forged documents for the criminals, has fled with his accomplices to Russian-occupied Crimea.

The Interior Ministry said that the theft had only been detected during an a routine inspection at the end of October. A criminal investigation was opened on November 19.

Practices at the bank including failing to search employees entering or leaving the bank, and the buying of precious metals over the counter, have been suspended.

-- Pierre Vaux