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Published in Stream:
Ukraine LiveBlog Day 296
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The Interpreter
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Railway Bridge North-West Of Donetsk Damaged In Blast
7 years
50 Russian Army Trucks Spotted En Route to Donetsk
Russian Military Specialists Dispatched To Donetsk To 'Help De-escalate' Conflict

UNIAN reports that Ukraliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) has announced that a rail bridge between Krasnoarmeysk and Grodovka was damaged by an explosion on December 6. The bridge lies around 40 km west and to the north of Donetsk.


According to the report the bridge has been dismantled and replaced with a temporary structure, allowing trains to continue to pass. 

Ukrainian Railways said that their initial estimate for the cost of fully repairing the bridge was 3 million hryvnia (US $191,000)

UNIAN notes that the state company estimates that the total cost for repairing damaged railway infrastructure in eastern Ukraine this year, after months of fighting, shelling and repeated acts of sabotage, is 754.3 million hryvnia (US $48 million).

Ukrainian Railways predict that, in the event of "further destabilisation" of the situation, their total losses for 2014 (taking  into account drops in both passenger and freight traffic) may be up to 3 billion hryvnia (US $191 million).

-- Pierre Vaux