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Published in Stream:
Russia Update: December 8, 2014
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Buzzfeed Reports on Links Between Russian Nationalists and Western Conservatives; Fends off Kremlin Censor
7 years
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"Foreign Agent" NGOs Banned from Election Monitoring in Russia

Buzzfeed reports that Russian nationalists and Western conservatives appear to be working together to promote the "pro-family" agenda -- and along the way Russia's geopolitical agenda.

The documents were published by the anonymous Shaltai Boltai hackers' organization in Russia, and appear to come from he account of Georgy Gavrish, a former official with the Russian Embassy to Greece and longtime member of the “Eurasianist” movement founded by the ultra-nationalist political philosopher Alexander Dugin, says Buzzfeed:

The emails include frequent correspondence between senior Russian figures, such as Dugin, the financier Konstantin Malofeev — who has close ties to Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine and is a patron of causes dear to the Orthodox Church — and Alexey Komov, an official with the Orthodox patriarchy and the “Russian representative” of the World Congress of Families, a social conservative network based in Rockford, Illinois.

Gavrish did not respond to a request to discuss the emails. Many messages are part of bizarre exchanges speculating that some contacts may be agents of foreign governments or the Order of Masons who are out to get them. But the archive includes exchanges hinting that Gavrish is involved in handling Dugin’s relationships with separatists in Ukraine and building links with far-right politicians throughout Europe.

The leaked documents relate to a "global summit of social conservative leaders" in September that caused a scandal in the US when the World Congress of Families dropped its sponsorship of the summit when some of its US partners protested against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Read more here: Emails Show “Pro-Family” Activists Feeding Contacts To Russian Nationalists.

We have reported on Konstantin Malofeyev's ties to Vladimir Yevtushenkov, an oligarch who is now under house arrest in an investigation of embezzlement related to Bashneft, an oil company that was privatized, then seized back by the state.

We have also covered Malofeyev's connections to support of the Russian-backed rebels in the southeast of Ukraine here, here and here.

Buzzfeed itself has received a warning from the Russian censorship agency Roskomnadzor recently apparently for publishing a video purported to be issued by the Caucasus Emirate, a terrorist group that took responsibility for the takeover of the Press House in Grozny last week. Google removed the video as its calls for violence are in violation of its terms of service.

The Interpreter published a translation of the Caucasus Emirate statement into English of the same video, disabled by Google, as well as tweets from the video, since deleted, and another video with the Chechen original, which Google hasn't got to yet. We have not received any notices from Roskomnadzor.