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Ukraine Live Day: 294
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
US Ambassador To Ukraine -- "Greatest Single Risk Factor Facing Ukraine Today is Business As Usual
7 years
Heavy Shelling In Donetsk One Day Before Another Supposed 'Ceasefire'
Hackers Dump Thousands of Rostov Police Documents on Internet; Evidence of Soldiers Wounded in Ukraine

The US Ambassador to Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, stressed today the need for Ukraine to reform, and to avoid the trap of fighting Russian disinformation with opposing propaganda. RFE/RL reports:

"I think it's important not to go down the rabbit hole, not to fall into the trap of trying to meet Russia on their ground in terms of misrepresentation or propaganda. But the best answer to that propaganda is the truth: a consistent presentation of Ukrainian government reality and Ukrainian government intentions, including Ukrainian government intentions regarding Eastern Ukraine and the imperative of national unity."

"The greatest single risk factor facing Ukraine today is business as usual. And the good news is that both the president, President [Petro] Poroshenko, and Prime Minister [Arseniy] Yatsenyuk are fully aware of that imperative."