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Ukraine Live Day 288
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Report Analyzes Evidence Of Cross-Border Shelling Visible On Google Maps
4 years
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Sean Case, a blogger writing from Denmark, has produced a detailed (though in his words, still "interim") report on evidence of cross-border shelling visible on Google Maps satellite images.

Cross-border attacks from Russia into Ukraine have been documented before, but this is the largest analysis of open-source material we have seen so far.

The report, entitled Smoking GRADs: Google map satellite images reveal almost 40 artillery attacks from Russia to Ukraine, is available to read in full here. 


Case identifies not only impact sites, but proposes likely launch sites, many of them marked by clear burn marks in the grass or even suspicious vehicles parked nearby.



Case has cross-referenced media reports of cross-border shelling with visible evidence on Google Maps. He writes that 56 of 127 attacks reported by the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council and the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service can be correlated with visible signs of shelling on Google's satellite imagery.

Case's methodology for identifying impact marks and the likely trajectory of the shells that created them is discussed in an appendix here.

The full interactive map is available here

-- Pierre Vaux