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Ukraine Live Day 273
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The Interpreter
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National Guard Officer Killed By Shelling Near Zolotoye
6 years
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The Ukrainian National Guard has announced that one of their officers had died after being wounded when a checkpoint close to Zolotoye, in the Lugansk region, was attacked yesterday morning.

According to the announcement on the National Guard website, the Ukrainian checkpoint was fired on with rocket-propelled grenades at around 10 am (8:00 GMT). 

2 guardsmen were wounded, one of them, Major Oleksandr Kaplinsky, severely so.

Kaplinsky died in hospital in Lysychansk from shrapnel wounds to his head. 

The attack on Zolotoye is part of a larger pattern of repeated attacks on Ukrainian positions near the Bakhmutka highway over the last month. Earlier today, the ATO Press Centre reported on several shelling attacks in the area over the last 24 hours.

This afternoon, the press centre announced that there had been attacks on the Ukrainian-held town of Debaltsevo, to the south.

According to the announcement, reported on by UNIAN, separatist fighters shelled residential areas of Debaltsevo with Grad rockets and conducted mortar attacks on Ukrainian positions nearby. 

-- Pierre Vaux