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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Live Day 268
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Picture Taken By Journalist May Prove That Russia Has Deployed Artillery Radar In East Ukraine
6 years
Photos Show Armour-Piercing Tank Round Fallen In Donetsk
UPDATED: Artikel Magazine, a German publication, has noticed a peculiar vehicle which is reportedly in eastern Ukraine right now:

This vehicle does indeed looks like the 1RL232, a battlefield surveillance radar system designed to improve artillery fire. We were not initially able to find the original source of this picture. However, now it appears that this was taken by a journalist. Below is a picture of an 1RL232:


In Christopher Miller's newest report on this crisis, he quotes The Interpreter and he also has more quotes from NATO Commander General Philip Breedlove. More importantly, however, his story has this picture which was taken today in Torez, east of Donetsk, by AFP/Getty Images' Mehahem Kahana:

Another vehicle.

A reverse image search brings us to a VKontakte page of a supporter of the Russian-backed separatists who uses the screen name "anti_maydan."


The vehicle in question does indeed resemble the 1RL239 "Lynx" also used to assist with the targeting of artillery (the picture below is from Wikipedia):


UPDATE: These pictures were initially taken by journalist Stefan Huijboom (obviously someone uploaded them to VK after he took them), who says the vehicles were headed east, away from Donetsk:

Contributors to the website LostArmour, which records Ukrainian military equipment that has been destroyed or captured, believe that this equipment has not been captured by the Ukrainian military. 

Why is this important? These weapons systems are not only used to improve the targeting of weapons systems like Grad rockets and artillery strikes, but they can also be used to monitor troops movement and enemy artillery and air traffic. The addition of these weapons to the arsenals of the Russian-backed separatists will pose a serious threat to the Ukrainian military.

Furthermore, we have not seen these vehicles before. If they were captured from Ukrainian forces, they would have had to have been captured before the ceasefire started more than two months ago. If they are new to Ukraine, they likely came from the Russian military. The fact that both of these vehicles were pictured in Torez, a route often used to move military equipment from the Russian border to Donetsk, by reliable journalists, is compelling evidence that the Russian-backed militants are being given impressive and powerful new tools by the Russian military.