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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Live Day 268
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Photos Show Armour-Piercing Tank Round Fallen In Donetsk
6 years
OSCE Head Warns Of Impending Separatist Attack On Mariupol
Picture Taken By Journalist May Prove That Russia Has Deployed Artillery Radar In East Ukraine

Donetsk news site reported today on a shell that struck a building belonging to the AVK confectionery company in the city this morning.


The building is on the 1st Aleksandrovka street in the Leninsky district. This location, as can be seen on Wikimapia is well to the south of the combat zone around the airport. It also lies a good distance to the east of fighting in the Marinka suburb.

Furthermore, the incident is interesting because this is not a mortar or artillery shell, but an armour piercing tank round, which would usually be fired on a direct, rather than ballistic, trajectory.


The projectile is an armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding-sabot round (known as an APFSDS round). It carries no explosive charge and acts as a kinetic energy penetrator. This sort of round is designed to be used against armoured vehicles rather than personnel or buildings.

Compare the round with those from the 3BM series of Soviet 125 mm APFSDS rounds here, and this photo of a Yugoslavian clone of a 3BM-15 in flight (separating from its sabot):


-- Pierre Vaux