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Ukraine Liveblog Day 245
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Ukraine's Parliament Says 300 Soldiers Were Killed In Fight For Ilovaisk
6 years
DNR Leader Says 'Ceasefire' Is Over
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One of the bloodiest battles in the history of this conflict was the fight for Ilovaisk, a town between Donetsk and the Russian border (map). On August 19th, after weeks of fighting, the Ukrainian military finally retook the town from Russian-backed militants. However, a large group of Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded after Russia intensified its direct military intervention in eastern Ukraine and those troops soon found themselves fighting large amounts of tanks, armored vehicles, and well-trained infantry, all the while taking artillery fire from Russian-supplied grad rockets and howitzers.

Now Ukraine's parliament is finally admitting that more than 300 soldiers were killed during the battle. The Associated Press reports (via RFE/RL): 

A report by Ukraine's parliament revealed Monday that more than 300 soldiers were killed during a weekslong battle that marked a crushing setback in the military campaign to root out pro-Russian separatist forces in the east.

The report is the first official confirmation of the scale of a defeat in the city of Ilovaisk that critics of the country's military command have described as the result of disastrous leadership.

It is believed the ultimate number of servicemen lost may be even greater, and the parliamentary inquiry into the Ilovaisk battle complained that military authorities have failed to cooperate.

For more information about the battle see our special presentation: The Battle of Ilovaisk: A Turning Point in Russia’s War on Ukraine