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Ukraine LiveBlog Day 236
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The Interpreter
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Ukrainian Military Says Russian-Backed Fighters Have Hit 30 Places in a Day; Mine Shelled Near Debaltsevo
7 years
Russia May Block Use of Drones To Monitor Ceasefire

The Ukrainian ATO (Anti-Terror Operation) says that more than 30 shelling incidents had taken place from the Russian-backed separatists on their positions in the last day. The situation as of October 9 is on the map of the National Security and Defense Council:


The Ukrainian military said the weapon used by the separatists was a ZU-23-2.

Separatists bragged about obtaining and shooting this anti-aircraft weapon on October 3 in this video uploaded to YouTube.

The Vergulivskaya (Verhulivka) mine (here on Google Maps) was shelled yesterday on October 10.

A video was uploaded to YouTube October 10 by labeled "Vergelevskaya Mine was shelled by Ukrainian punishers 10.09.2014." was originally approved by Col. Igor Strelkov as the news outlet for the "Donetsk People's Republic" fighters, and then was dormant for a time when its two war correspondents were killed with Andrei Stenin in August. This video is among some recent ones that indicate it is back in business.

The blogger @djp3tros of Ukraine@War has geolocated the video and scene as follows:



Homes near the mine were also damaged.


The mine is about 15 kilometers to the northeast of Debaltsevo, where there have been separatist attacks on Ukrainian positions, so this may indicate where the front line is moving.

We could not determine which side did the shelling in this case.

Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the prime minister of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic," pledged to keep a "silence regime" starting on October 11.

The mayor's office of Donetsk reported that 3 people died in shelling overnight on 10-11 October, and the water system was damaged in some areas.

There was also a fire at the power sub-station in Smela October 11 which was captured on video.

Translation: There won't be electricity for a day. The sub-station on Pochtovy blew up. #Smela #Explosion.