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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
5 Policeman Killed Detaining Suicide Bomber in Grozny; Terrorist Identified
7 years
Russian Ultranationalist Web Site Owner Summoned to Police in 'Extremism' Investigation

Five Chechen policemen were killed in Grozny as they stopped a suspicious man at a metal-detector who then blew himself up, RIA Novosti and other Russian media reported. Another 12 persons were reportedly wounded in the blast.

Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, was preparing to celebrate the 196th anniversary of the city as well as the 38th birthday of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, which fall on the same date.

The bomb went off at the intersection of Rosa Luxemburg Street and Isayev Avenue.

Kadyrov had just sent out a post on the city's anniversary and on his own birthday on his favorite social media, Instagram, when the explosion occurred at 17:05 local time.


 Kadyrov decided to continue the festivities and made his first reference to the bombing in an Instagram post within two hours of the blast. He said that the sacred month following Ramadan was a time when Muslims were forbidden to kill, so that the bomber had violated religious precepts. The Interpreter has translated an excerpt:

The Wahabbists and terrorists cursed by the Prophet (swt) tried to tern the holidays into a national tragedy, to shed the blood of dozens and hundreds of people.

This bastard bandit with a pistol introduced himself as a police officer and tried to pass through to the square where a whole number of festivities were being celebrated. The courage and professionalism of the police employees prevented numerous possible civilian victims. While he was being searched, the bastard set off the suicide bomb. A terrorist act which these satans wanted to comit on the holidays, when the whole city was out celebrating and there were festive events, wanted to ruin the mood, but that's not happening, people are continuing to celebrate.

Officers have been killed and wounded. They will be given state awards. The Wahabbists wanted to show that they exist, but we will prove that they shouldn't be in Chechnya and nowhere else. We will destroye them, no matter where they are found. This incident did not affect the situation in Chechnya. It is stable and is completely controlled by the law-enforcement agencies.


He then continued to tweet out several other pictures and lectures against terrorism and the need to raise youth properly.

In an Instagram post showing a balloon with his father's picture, he attached a recorded message in which he said:

People wanted to ruin so to say our holiday. Thanks to our police officers, the terrorist attack was prevented. I think in the near future we will destroy the people who are behind this terrorist attack. People are continuing to celebrate the city holiday, the teacher and youth day.


The suicide bomber was quickly identified as Apti Mudarov, age 19, from Staropromyslovsky District of Grozny, the Russian Investigative Committee told Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP).

The youth had been missing from his home for two months, said law-enforcement officials.

KP said that the bomber was wearing a suicide belt. But, an independent news service that tends to be pro-Russian, said that he was just carrying a bag of explosives, as did initial Russian state wire services.

The variation in the way the story has been covered by state and independent media relates to the question of whether the suicide bomber was intent on actually committing suicide as a true believer in radical Islamism, or whether he was actually hoping to pass as a police officer, and preparing to lay explosives but escape.

Although Kadyrov's original statement on Instagram didn't make any mention of a documents check, the first quotation of Kadyrov which we saw quoted from Interfax on, TV Rain at 19:20, and also on RIA Novosti at 18:57 introduced this detail and didn't specify that it was a suicide bomb (translation by The Interpreter)

He came up to the post with a pistol, introduced himself as a law-enforcement officer, but despite this, the police asked him to show some documents and began examining him. While he was being searched, the bomb went off. A terrorist act which these satans wanted to commit on the holidays, when the whole city was out celebrating and there were festive events, they wanted to ruin the mood, but that's not happening, people are continuing to celebrate.

The version TV Rain ran at 19:20 citing Interfax was slightly different:

This evening at a checkpoint for citizens to pass through to the festival for Grozny Day, olice officers stopped a young man. He had a pistol on him, he introduced himself as a police officer. At the request to submit to a search, the young man set off an explosive device.

At that time, Kadyrov said police were still looking for the terrorist.

Komsomolskaya Pravda then ran the story with this information:

At first there was information that the bandit had survived after the suicide-bombing. Although soon afterward, this information was refuted by law-enforcement officials of Chechnya.

Then KP used a different quote from Kadyrov, not from RIA Novosti, but the same one we translated above which starts, "The Wahabbists and terrorists cursed by the Prophet (swt) tried to tern the holidays into a national tragedy."

Graphic pictures of the suicide bomber filled Twitter within hours, showing that his right arm and leg had been blown off, but the rest of his body was intact, supporting the thesis that he was not wearing a suicide belt. A Twitter user said he had been holding the bag of explosives in his right hand, and that there was no belt.

The area where the bombing took place is at the city center and is named for Kadyrov's father, Akhmat, who was himself assassinated in a terrorist bombing in May 2004 during a World War II victory parade, in which his bodyguard and some 30 other people also were killed.


A graphic video of the dead bomber and policeman was uploaded to YouTube but removed under Google's terms of service. published some screenshots.

The pro-Kremlin REN-TV appears to have been first on the scene to capture the aftermath of the blast, tweeting a photo showing the dead policemen's bodies by the metal detectors.

LifeNews also captured the blast and ran footage later showing numerous first-responders on the scene, noting that the policemen had prevented the suicide bomber from killing more people.

A popular singer named Zara sent out a celebratory greeting in an Instagram post shortly after the tragedy:


Kadyrov then released a longer statement on Instagram, an excerpt of which has been translated by The Interpreter:


I am very grateful to all those who congratulated us, who is joyful for our successes and supports us in this difficult moment. At a time when tens of thousands of residents of Chechnya and our guests were marking the holidays of the city, youth and teachers, some sort of bastard bandit without a clan or tribe made an attempt to shed the blood of the participants of the festival.

Vigilant police officers detained him at the very first post not far from the public celebration area. At the price of their own lives, they prevented a terrorist act capable of taking away the lives of dozens of civilians. This abortion does not represent anyone. There is peace, stability and prosperity in the republic. We are looking confidently to the future. But the terrorists and Wahabbis only understand the language of force. They must be destroyed, wherever they stick up their heads. We will combat them in Chechnya and beyond its borders, because they do not have the right to live on this earth. They are damned by the Prophet (swt). And in the future there will be nothing of them here! And so that they never appear anywhere, we must raise youth in the norms of the Koran and the Sunni Prophet (swt), we can't wait for the Udugovs, Zakayevs and Western intelligence agencies to befuddle their minds!

His last statement is a reference to Chechen resistance leaders Udugov, who has gone into hiding and Zakayev, who lives abroad and also the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that Western intelligence clandestinely undermines Russia by supporting Chechen terrorists.