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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Russian Ultranationalist Web Site Owner Summoned to Police in 'Extremism' Investigation
7 years
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In a sign that the Russian government may be reining in some of the far-right groups they have tacitly encouraged throughout the war on Ukraine, the owner of the ultranationalist web site Sputnik & Pogrom has been summoned to the police for questioning in an investigation on "extremism" charges.

Yegor Prosvirnin writes on his web page that yesterday on 2 October he was called in for questioning under Art. 280-2 ("public calls for extremist activity committed with the help of mass media, including the Internet").

Sputnik & Pogrom is a site popular with the younger generation of Russian extremists as it uses satirical writing and slick graphics to attract attention on social media. The name comes from the two words that the Russian language has given to foreign languages, ostensibly symbolizing the best and worse of Russian culture, although S&P have made no secret of their anti-migrant sentiment. Prosvirnin has been an avid fan of the Russian-backed separatists and has particularly popularized Col. Igor Strelkov.

Prosvirnin said he refused to answer questions, citing Art. 51 of the Russian Constitution which says that no one can be forced to incriminate themselves. Police then took his signature stating this refusal and informed him the case was being transferred to the Federal Security Service (FSB) or intelligence agency of Russia. He believes that a case is not yet open but that it is being contemplated.

Last week, Prosvirnin was called into the prosecutor's office for questioning, and mention was made of "FSB evaluation," but he says did not publicize the summons "so as not to give a motive for Ukrainian propagandists."

Now that the case has gone further, he has decided to disclose it.

"Against one of the main propaganda sites of Novorossiya and the Russian Spring, the FSB is putting together a criminal case so as to punish people for helping the Russian insurgents," writes Prosvirnin. Russians often use the term "propaganda" in a positive sense. Says Prosvirnin (translation by The Interpreter):

If a case is opened, regardless of the outcome, it will be the main argument for every supporter of Ukraine, a text-book example, of what help to Russians under a living Putin leads to, and also an absolutely murderous argument in any debates with nationalists ("Remember Prosvirnin? He collected 30 million for Novorossiya, yeah. Now he's collecting money for cigarettes in Magadan." )

Therefore I would entirely sincerely recommend bringing to account for extremism those who initiated this entire story. It should be noted that today our cite has nearly been taken down by Ukrainian hackers (they even managed to gloat on therefore your FSB is operating in a pleasant synchronicity with the "fascist junta in Kiev."

Magadan is a remote city where a prison camp from the GULAG era is located.

Prosvirnin reassured his readers (some of whom are paid subscribers) that even if he is jailed the work will continue and indicated that even in prison colonies these days, people have mobile phones.

"Even if I have to sew mittens in Krasnokamensk, I will still call for the creation of a Greater Novorossiya and its return to Russia." His reference is to a job frequently given to prison labor. Krasnokamensk is the city in the remote region of Chita where Mikhail Khodorkovsky served part of his term.

In June, Eurasianist ideologue and ultranationalist Aleksandr Dugin, a professor at Moscow State University, had a renewal of his contract revoked, evidently in connection with his incitement of hatred of Ukrainians.

The original Moscow leadership of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" -- Col. Igor Strelkov, Aleksandr Boroday, Denis Pushilin, and Vladimir Antyufeyev, have been replaced by Donbass-based figures.