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Ukraine Liveblog Day 218
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
RT Stringer Graham Phillips Now Freelancing for Russian Ministry of Defense's TV Zvezda
6 years
Ukraine's Soldiers Running for Office, Including Female Pilot In Russian Prison

Infamous British journalist and RT stringer Graham Phillips has announced on his Facebook page that he is shooting videos for the Zvezda TV channel. Zvezda has confirmed the report. Here is Phillips' statement:

Maybe some media will always call me 'Russia Today's Graham Phillips', but anyway that's ok as I always love Russia Today, and have done quite a lot of video for Ruptly, RT's video agency, in recent weeks.

I've agreed the right deal with Zvezda - I record in English, they put it into Russian, but I'll keep the pieces and you'll see them, in English, on my YouTube channel, around a day later.
It means that English 'to camera' reporting will be coming out of here.

Further, have given permission to the BBC to use video of mine in this last week.

TV Zvezda, however, is directly run by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and has often been used to put out disinformation in the past. If Phillips is worried about being seen as too closely associated with RT, this move is not likely to increase his credibility in the West.