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At Least 10,000 in Peace March in Moscow - AP
7 years
5,000 March in St. Petersburg Despite Ban
Peace March of 26,000 in Moscow Finishes Without Incident; A Few Arrests Reported

Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov says "tens of thousands" are taking part in the Peace March in Moscow now.


The banner says "Putin Stop Lying and Fighting."

Nemtsov said in a post on Facebook that he went to the march with Mikhail Kasyanov, former Russian prime minister in the Yeltsin administration.

"People are chanting 'Ukraine - Peace, Propaganda in the Trash!' and flags saying 'Putin - Trial in the Hague!' and 'Ukraine -Peace, Russia - Freedom!"

AP reporters estimated 10,000, others  more:

Actually, AFP reported back in March that 50,000 had turned out to protest the annexation of the Crimea.

But that estimate seemed generous -- there were visible at least several tens of thousands, however.

The rally against the re-election of Putin, which many viewed as fraudulent, was said to attract anywhere from 25,000 (police) to 50,000 (organizers) in December 2011.

The number of people diminished as protests continued to be held in subsequent years after authorities arrested and sentenced to heavy prison terms a number of organizers and participants in what was called the "Bolotnaya Case," named for the square where they held the rally.

Journalist Masha Slonim told TV Rain she said she believed there was a higher turnout than in March. She was surprised there were as many because of the disinformation campaign against the march, where numerous reports of its cancellation were planted in state media and social media.