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Ukraine Liveblog Day 213
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Russian Aircraft Reportedly Violate Swedish And Ukrainian Airspace
7 years
Poroshenko Warns Of Discrimination Against Tatars In Crimea
Russian Jets Violate Swedish Airspace, 2 Bombers Escorted Away From Latvia
Another escalation over the skies of eastern Euorpe:

The report says that two Russian Su-24s entered Swedish airspace at noon today. According to the source in the armed forces, the aircraft made a deliberate turn into Swedish airspace, flew several miles, then made a deliberate turn out of Swedish airspace, which has given the source in the Swedish military the impression that this was a deliberate act.

The meeting happened while the Swedish military and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt were discussing Sweden's response to Russian aggression and their larger strategy in the region. This is likely not a coincidence. Bildt has been a vocal critic of Russian interference in Ukraine, has been a strong proponent of a more robust response from the West, and has become one of the favorite targets for pro-Kremlin media and trolls.

The Ukrainian government is also reporting Russian aircraft, drones, violating Ukraine's airspace today, though this is much less unusual -- reports of Russian drones operating in Ukraine are a daily occurrence.