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Ukraine Liveblog Day 213
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Poroshenko Asks US For Arms, Highest Level of Non-NATO Alliance
7 years
Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko Speaks To US Congress
Poroshenko Warns Of Discrimination Against Tatars In Crimea
Poroshenko began his talk to a joint session of US Congress with a a note of gratitude and humility. He said that the symbolism of the unification of the houses of Congress was the symbol of America's support for Ukraine.

But Poroshenko then turned to the Maidan revolution in February. He said that the ultimatly Washington, and of the Maidan revolution, are symbols of freedom. He spoke about the bravery of the protesters who stood up to the well armed and well trained riot police belonging to the the previous government (police, many of whom were trained in Russia).

Poroshenko continued with his timeline of the conflict. The spirit of Imperial Russia is back, he said, as Russia has annexed Crimea and has invaded eastern Ukraine.

"The International system of checks and balances has been effectively ruined," Poroshenko said, returning it to the state of uncertainty that hasn't existed since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

"We need your support."

This is not just Ukraine's war, Poroshenko said. "This is Europe and America's war, too. This is a war for the free world. For. The. Free. World."

To hold back Russia, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are fighting. 70 have died since the ceasefire started, Poroshenko says.

Then Ukraine's president said that his soldiers "urgently need" military supplies, "lethal and non-lethal."

"We cannot win a war with blankets. Even more importantly, we cannot keep the peace with blankets."

Poroshenko says that Ukraine's struggle now is like America's historical struggle. "Ukraine's choice was the same as America's. Freedom. Democracy. And the rule of law."

Then Poroshenko asked for something interesting, special status which would give Ukraine the highest level of military support open to a non-NATO ally.

Poroshenko also asked for stronger sanctions. Sanctions are symbolicly important as well as important tools. Then Poroshenko admitted that he understood the toll that wars have taken on Western economies, but he stressed the need to continue to guard against threats to the security of the world, like Russia's aggression.