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Russia This Week: September 1-7
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Russian Blogger Asks Hard Questions about Death of State Photographer Stenin
5 years
Cell Phone Messages of Moscow Municipal Candidate Leaked to State Media
'There's No Such Thing as a Former Paratrooper'

The controversies surrounding the life, death and work of Andrei Stenin, RIA Novosti photo correspondent continue to rage on Russian social media.

Stenin, who was embedded with Russian-backed fighters from the "Donetsk People's Republic," filmed Ukrainian POWs who were humiliated by the fighters. Not long after filming the POWs, he went missing but then was pronounced dead yesterday after his remains were positively identified with a DNA match. Accusations have been made that Stenin was complicit in torture. As we have noted, the fact that DNR fighters eventually brought at least one POW to the hospital doesn't exonerate their exploitation of his suffering in propaganda videos.

Meanwhile, the Russian state media is denouncing the Ukrainian armed forces for shelling Stenin's car. As we have reported, a burnt-out car was found on a road leading to Snezhnoye, near the site of the downed MH17, where battles took place between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian army. A video was taken of this road by Caucasian fighters who appear to be from Russia and outfitted with the latest Russian weapons. A video by the same cameraman shows the fighters traveling in a civilian car.

Oleg Kashin has some questions regarding the death of Stenin for Aleksandr Bastrykin, the head of the Russian Investigative Committee and also Vladimir Sungorkin, head of Kmsomolskaya Pravda and LifeNews' head Aram Gabrelyanov. Translation byThe Interpreter.

Why was the filming by Andrei Stenin done 1 August published only on 5 August, that is, a day before the supposed day of his death?

Yet another set was taken on the 3rd. Does that follow that Andrei went missing on the 3rd or 4th?

On what date did they find Andrei Stenin?

Where did they find him?

KP, in its reports, indicates a placed called Peresyp, but on Google maps there is only Rassypnoye. Is that what is meant?

What are these lenses found in the area of Donetsk, the photographs of which an employee of Rossiya Segodnya named Shtol published in a group for photographers on 15 August?

If Andrei Stenin was found 15 August or earlier, why wasn't that reported?

Was Andrei Stenin's mother informed on the course of the searches?

How fully and in what volume was she told about this?

Where did the version of the story involving tanks and shooting of a convoy of refugees come from?

Were the witnesses questioned? If yes, did officers of the Investigative Committee go to the scene of the tragedy?

Did experts or specialists review the scene of Andrei Stenin's death?

Which ones?

What were their conclusions?

Are their photographs or videotapes with the general diagrams of the place of the tragedy?

Are there other damaged cars in these videos that would confirm the version of the death of Andrei Stenin?

Why weren't they published?

Were there armed persons in the car with Andrei Stenin?

Do you know that he went missing along with two activists from Fyodor's NOD [National Liberation Movement, an ultrnationalist Russian group known for supporting the separatists and their antisemitic TV channel--The Interpreter.]

Do you know that some members of this movement took part in the conflict in Donbass as volunteers?

What was their fate?

Is it true that it follows from the KP reports that Dmitry Steshin and Aleksandr Kots, as well as journalists from LifeNews who found Andrei Stenin touched the items at the crime scene?

Are they witnesses in the case of the murder of the journalist?

Did this hinder the investigation?

Why was the first report of the journalists removed from the web site of Komsomolskaya Pravda?

Did you see the OSCE report about the remains of the journalist found?

What date is indicated there for the finding of Andrei Stenin's body?

How did the story of Andrei Stenin's detention by the SBU appear?

On what date did the remains of the body and the camera lenses end up in the hands of specialists?

Did the Russian government communicate with Ukrainian authorities after the first announcements on the detention of Andrei Stenin? Were their contacts in this regard with the leadership of the Ukrainian battalions?

It is known that Andrei Stenin's telephone was turned on after 5 August, some people answered calls from it and even went on Facebook. Did the Russian government ask the intelligence agencies to trace this activated phone?

Vesti had a program saying that the car in which Andrei Stenin was travelling was not only shelled from Grads but grenades were thrown at it, and also Ukrainian officers came to the scene of the crime and took the personal items of all those killed. Do you know anything about this? Is it true?

Kashin's questions got a predictably harsh response from the head of LifeNews, a TV channel close to Russian intelligence:

Translation: I believe that Kashin with his despicable "questions - half-hints" has violated ethical normas, just as in the situation with Marat and Oleg - Ekho.

Translation: Kashin boldly asks questions from Geneva, while the guys from LifeNews and KP risk their lives to conduct an investigation into the death of Stenin in the Donbas.