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Ukrainian Liveblog Day 194
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The Interpreter
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Russian Media Reports Return of Russian POWs by Ukraine
6 years
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The pro-Kremlin propaganda outlet reported as follows:

All Russian paratroopers who were detained earlier in the week in eastern Ukraine have been handed over to the Russian side, deputy commander of the Airborne Forces, Major-General Aleksey Ragozin has confirmed.

“The negotiations were very difficult. However, common sense prevailed, and all ended well,” Ragozin said on Saturday night, cited by RIA.

“The most important thing - all the guys are now back with us, in Russia. I want to emphasize that we never abandon our own," he added.

From the very first minute the patrol was caught after accidentally crossing the border the Russian side was doing everything possible to secure their release, Ragozin said.

“Our guys feel sorry that this happened,” he said, adding that they will be provided with all necessary “psychological and other assistance.”

"I consider it unacceptable that for so many days our soldiers were held by the Ukrainian side and, moreover, were transferred to Kiev,” he stated. “At the same time, hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers who found themselves on the territory of Russia, after the provision of comprehensive care by the relevant authorities were immediately transferred back to Ukraine."

The independent TV Rain has also reported the return of the POWs, citing the state media:

Late on the evening of 31 August, the news broke that the paratroopers from the 98th Svirsk Division of the Airborne Troops had been returned to Russia, RIA Novosti reported, citing Deputy Commander Aleksei Ragozin of the Airborne Troops.


Nine of the paratroopers were returned tonight; early a 10th had been medically evacuated to a St. Petersburg burn unit.

It is not know if Ukrainian POWs were released in return.