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Ukraine Liveblog Day 190
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The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Ukrainian CNSD Refutes Claims of Russian Incursion, But Confirms Russian Military Convoy at Gukovo
5 years
Russian Troops Taking Over Ukrainian Border Towns: Eye-Witnesses
What Happened at the Minsk Talks?
Andrey Lysenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian Council for National Security and Defense has refuted the claims we reported earlier by UNIAN that Russian forces have entered Ukrainian territory from Taganrog, Information Resistance reported, citing Ukrainska Pravda. But Lysenko has confirmed the Russian convoy at Gukovo.

Lysenko spoke on ICTV's program "Freedom of Speech". The Interpreter has a translation:

The information on the breakthrough of the [Russian] convoy from the direction of Taganrog does not correspond to reality. There is no such column. I talked with border guards literally an hour ago, and with the staff of the ATO [anti-terrorism operation] -- this convoy has not been established. No one has seen it.

However, there is information that in the area of Gukovo, which is Rostov Region, there really is a convoy consisting of approximately 100 military vehicles. These are tanks, BMPs and Grad systems, trucks with ammunition and transport of the personnel. This convoy has really been established, but it has not crossed the border into Ukraine. It is being observed.

Earlier we reported a Russian convoy filmed in the Ukrainian town of Sverdlovsk headed toward Lugansk, which we were able to geolocate.

We are also attempting to verify a video of another separatist convoy reported today in Donetsk. [Update: this is an older video of Vostok battalion taken some time ago.]