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Ukraine Liveblog Day 190
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The Interpreter
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Russian Troops Taking Over Ukrainian Border Towns: Eye-Witnesses
5 years
Intense Shelling Reported In Novoazovsk, Where Russia's 'Invasion' Was Reported Yesterday
Ukrainian CNSD Refutes Claims of Russian Incursion, But Confirms Russian Military Convoy at Gukovo

UNIAN has published a report of a Russian military convoy with 30 tanks and 2 BTRs headed to Novoazovsk, where we have been reporting fighting in the last two days.

Dmitry Snegirev, head of Prava Sprava (Right from the Right), a civic group, has told UNIAN that local residents and members of his organization have eye-witness reports of another Russian convoy. About 21:00 local time, a convoy of about 100 military vehicles crossed through Russia's Gukovo checkpoint in Rostov Region into Ukraine. Apparently part of this convoy is now spotted headed toward Novoazovsk.

Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala reports on his Facebook page that Russian forces have invaded Ukraine from the direction of Taganrog. Border guards and fighters in volunteer battalions in the region are reporting as follows:

From the direction of Russia, 30 tanks, light-armored vehicles and troops have entered. They are 8 kilometers deep into Ukrainian territory. They control 6 border villages. In particular, Markino, Shcherbak, Roza Luxemburg. The occupiers are setting  up checkpoints, leaving 3 tanks and 2 BTRs at each one as well as a platoon of personnel and then advancing further. Shots can be heard in the suburbs of Novoazovsk.

Russian military are not hiding the signs of their presence in the seized territories. Right behind them from the territory of the Russian Federation have come representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic. They ask the local population to endure the "unstable situation" for a few days and promise that then "everything will be fine, we will have our own republic."

Ukrainian soldiers are forced to retreat under the pincer of artillery fire and also Grads. There are losses among the border guards and the fighters of the territorial defense battalions and also those who are severely wounded. Our fighters ask for back-up and heavy vehicles. Otherwise, they cannot hold Novoazovsk, they say. If they lose Novoazovsk, the road to Mariupol, according to them, will be open.