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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Liveblog Day 183
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Ukrainian Military Expert Warns That 1,200 Russian Troops Have Entered Lugansk
4 years
Donetsk Rocked By Gunfire And Artillery, But Who's Shooting?
American Killed Fighting in Ukraine

Hromadske TV reports that 150 pieces of Russian military hardware, including tanks, and 1200 troops with Russian uniforms (but lacking chevrons) have broken through to Lugansk today. This is part of a message on Dmitry Tymchuk's Facebook page (translated by The Interpreter):

Bad News:

1. Unfortunately, the fact is confirmed that today, a convoy of military vehicles has broken through to Lugansk to aid the local fighters. Some of it had come from Russia earlier, and some from RF territory today into Donbass.

According to our information, several dozen vehicles have come into the outskirts of Lugansk, of which up to 40 are heavy armored vehicles. Some of this convoy has entered the city.

How this convoy of vehicles could break through the line of encirclement, taking into account that Lugansk is blocked by a ring of checkpoints and guard posts of the ATO forces, we cannot say at this time.

2. Terrorists from the LNR claim that the convoy of refugees from Lugansk shelled yesterday was not done by them. I. Plotnitsky, one of the leaders of the fighters, has made this statement.

This statement could possibly confuse the outside observer who could regrettably surmise that the ATO forces could commit this monstrous act by shelling the convoy by mistake. If it were not for one thing. The leader of the terrorists immediately began swearing that the armaments had not been transferred to the fighters from Russia, that supposedly "all the military vehicles are trophies and have been taken in battles."

And here everything falls into place. It is hard to imagine that the fighters could seize from the Ukrainian army many dozens of tanks and MLRSes [multiple launch rocket systems], and it is even more incomprehensible how the Ukrainian soldiers obtain such armaments and vehicles which are exclusively in the Russians' possession, like armored KAMAZs, the newest BTR-82s, the Kord machine guns, the AK "100 series" automatic rifles and so on -- the list could be endlessly extended.

The lie about the arms proves the lie about shelling the convoy as well.  But the leader of the fighters is so tangled up in lies that he doesn't even turn on his brains when he sticks his lying on the public.

We have not been able to confirm the reports yet.