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Ukraine Liveblog Day 182
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Russian Military Vehicles Seen On Move Just Inside Ukraine
5 years
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A YouTube video, purportedly shot today in the town of Sukhodolsk, just across the border and a little to the north-west of the Izvarino crossing, shows a large column of military vehicles on the move:

The vehicles seen include Kamaz trucks (some towing artillery,) military ambulances and, at the end, a BMD-2 infantry fighting vehicle.

The vehicles appear to lack number plates:


In fact, they closely resemble ones photographed yesterday in Russia by Polish journalist Wojciech Bojanowski:

Notice that the vehicles and the gun being towed look nearly exactly the same. In the video reportedly taken today, the towed gun is covered by a tarp, but in the picture from yesterday you can clearly see that a tarp is secured to the back of the gun. This could be the same vehicle, or it could just indicate that this vehicle and gun are the same kinds, being moved and secured in the same ways, as those spotted in Russia.

He also reported today, as we noted earlier, that another military truck, without plates, crossed the border into Ukrainian territory.

The BDM-2 seen at the end looks very similar to those seen waiting near the border crossing on August 15.

Here is a screenshot from the video above:


Here is one of the BMDs on August 15, reportedly only 10 km from the Ukrainian border: 

The position and style of the numbering and military insignia appear to match, though it looks as if a very basic attempt has been made to whitewash or smear out the markings on the vehicle filmed today.

Even more interesting is the purported location of the column, Shosseynaya street in Sukhodolsk. This street runs straight to the village of Severny, right on the border with Russia. From there, one can turn south and follow a road straight across the border and into the Russian town of Donetsk.

Google maps lacks some detail in this area, so we'll point out this route via Yandex maps:


While vehicles have been seen crossing the border at Izvarino, no-one has been watching this potential crossing. We have not yet precisely geolocated this video, but the location does resemble that seen in the video. If this is accurate, then this may well be the route by which Russian arms have been entering Ukraine while avoiding scrutiny on the well-known, and now watched, border crossing at Izvarino.