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Published in Stream:
Ukraine Liveblog Day 164
Press by
The Interpreter
Russian-to-English translation journal, with original analysis and commentary on Russia's foreign & domestic policy.
Russian Military Convoy Reportedly Crosses Border Into Ukraine in Lugansk Region
8 years
Separatist Ambushes Near MH17 Crash Site Destroy Ukraine Convoys And Civilian Vehicles
Russian Armor Documented Only 2000 Meters From Ukraine

Roman Burko, a Ukrainian journalist, has posted the following report on his Facebook page today, 7 hours ago, in which he reports that Russian tanks have crossed the border near Sukhodolsk, near Krasnadon (translated by The Interpreter):

ANOTHER column of armored vehicles from the Russian Federation (passed through Sukhodolsk, ul. Shosseynaya).

Early this morning 31 July 2014 a large column of armored vehicles passed through SUKHODOLSK (about 50 vehicles - this is without exaggerations). As our local sources say "Such a thing has never happened even once before, there have been columns that have passed through before, but far fewer in number."

Judging from this, we can already say that the Russian Federation without declaration of war has brought its forces into Ukraine. In our previous dispatches we warned about the urgent need to close the border of Krasnodon region and adjacent villages. This must be done not only in the area of the Izvarino checkpoint, where OSCE representatives are located, but in the villages of Parkhomenko, Popovka and especially in Severny [HERE on the map - The Interpreter].

We not only wrest back control over the highway through the village of Novosvetlovka and Novoannovka (before Lugansk) but reliably reinforce ourselves at that location. A simply checkpoint of the Ukrainian Army/National Guard cannot help against such large columns. This is already long since become not an ATO [anti-terror operation] but an undeclared war.

Local residents express bewilderment and sharply criticize the security leadership. For a greater understanding of the situation, we will cite the direct quotes of one of the local residents, who has been observing the flow of vehicles daily from the RF:

"There is such an impression that the military brass are interested in a prolonged battle, if for the third month they are not trying to close this source (note -- Sukhodolsk, Severny, Popovka, Parkhomenko are *daily* passages for vehicles from Russia!) This is an inexhaustible flow of reinforcements for the terrorists! How to get in touch, to shout loud enough for the top brass to hear?! You can't reach them on the telephone numbers put on their web sites -- they are bugged. People write and warn them, but there is 'zero' reaction from the ministers and the president, likely they aren't getting reports about such breaches [in the border], they are afraid of losing their seats, but the guys are getting killed! And then they will be surprised, from where the tanks, BTRs, Grads, Akatiays and vehicles with mortars and mercenaries will come through again?!"

We must emphasize immediately that this is far from the only report on vehicles passing through today, exactly with 50 items, in this region. Furthermore, there is information that this column is preparing to attack the ATO forces...

This information could match our own reports earlier today which showed large columns of Russian armor headed from Russia toward the Ukrainian border.

Meanwhile, Alfa News reports that Russian troops are shelling Ukraine from a brand new area, and more GRAD rockets and Ural trucks crossed the border last night (translated by The Interpreter):

In a wooded location close to the village of Kozino in Kursk Region of the Russian Federation, Russians were preparing firing positions to shell the territories of Ukraine.

Two kilometers from the border line with Sumsk Region, information signs with the words "Firing Line" were noted in news dispatches.

Near the Russian village of Shramko, 25 meters from the borders, positions have been created for 8 paratrooper military vehicles. In the area of the village of Seleznyovo, 50 meters from the border, there are platoon com
manders of the RF Air Force groups with armored vehicles. On the outskirts of the village of Podol-Gora, 7 km from the border, an army camp has been set up.

The Ukrainian Council for National Security and Defense (CNSD) has stated that Russia is continuing to supply terrorists with heavy armored vehicles and armaments. According to surveillance reports, on the evening of 30 July 7 Grad systems and 11 Ural automobiles passed through from the [Russian] city of Donetsk in Rostov Region to Lugansk Region.

As a result of shelling of Ukrainian border guards in the area of the village of Vasilyevka on the night of 31 July, 3 soldiers were killed, and 11 were wounded.

Kozin is actually far northwest of Kharkiv, not near the self-declared Donetsk or Lugansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR respectively), roughly here on the map.

We're working to confirm these stories, and must stress that they are still unconfirmed, but Roman Burko is a respected journalist. Russia could be invading Ukraine with new armor at this very moment.